Mary Auguste of Marketing 352 has studied and practiced  SEO, copywriting, and creating digital ads for over a decade, since 2008.

Mary understands using the concepts of words that sell, combined with Search Engine Optimization, and correct keyword usage in ads. This unique combination of SEO and copywriting creates ads that get results. Now, with the use of AI or artificial intelligence in digital marketing, it can be easy to get left behind. Mary combines a background of online marketing, business building, with the new use of AI, to help businesses grow faster and stronger.

People use keyword phrases to search for the items or services that you sell. Each business wants to be “seen” online so that the customers searching for what you have, can find you.

Mary helps by bringing clarity to the process of what ad creation is all about. She will take the time with your ads and explain to you via phone or zoom what  to do and why so that you understand the process.

The bottom line is that businesses need more customers so they can grow. And most potential customers are searching for what you sell online. Marketing 352 consulting service is the company that will bridge the gap between your business and your new customers.

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Mary Auguste


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